Specification Competanced
The standard version of the VARIOSAFE® System comply with all of the official shelter specifications for both standard and increased levels of protection. In addition to this, however, VARIOSAFE® also offers a comprehensive program of optional extras and special equipment over and above the official specifications, and many of these features are already included in the standard versions. This program makes it possible to satisfy clients´s differing individual requirements as regards shelter equipment and desirable occupancy periods. All VARIOSAFE® models are designed so that they can be upgraded with any of the listed equipment at any time. Additional features can thus be added later, quickly and easily, just as desired.

Protection for up to 280 Days
In contrast to the usual 14-day occupancy period propagated by an outdated doctrine, even the standard version of the VARIOSAFE® shelter modules provide convenient protection for a full 48 days, with a safe, effective water supply and waste water resp. sewage ejecting system, and providing an unrestricted view of the surroundings, even when the installation is closed and sealed off from the outside hazard. Scientists who have conducted research into possible maximum contamination periods and the practical problems of evacuation recommend that shelters should provide protection for up to 280 days. With our program of special equipment, VARIOSAFE® installations can also be configured for this maximum occupancy period.