Satisfaction of contemporary shelter and survival requirements was made  necessary by the drastic changes in military technology and by the new hazards presented by technological developments in the chemical/industrial sector. The provision of affordable shelter which provides effective protection all the way up to ground zero of nuclear device detonations at standard altitude. Extension of the protected occupancy periods. Effective protection against fires in the surrounding area caused by fire storms, and against resulting O² deficiency in the interior atmosphere. Protection against radioactive and chemical contamination of both military and civilian/industrial origin has to provide shelter which can serve both as an initial refuge and also, later on, as a reusable base in accordance with the recommendations of current scientific research, so as to help provide a satisfactory solution to the serious logistical problems involved in evacuation.

The increasing use of complex technology in modern industry and the hazards associated with that technology make viable shelter and survival concepts and the provision of effective shelter for those who desire it absolutely imperative. The shelters currently available are completely inadequate because their antiquated design has been fixed to outdated standard of World-War-II.
Nevertheless civil defence of today provides only space for less than 4% of the population. Austria, one of the countries most severely affected by the fallout from the nuclear reactor accident at Chernobyl, has already passed legislation requiring the construction of adequate shelter facilities. Even Denmark is considering the introduction of similar legislation, and in Germany the same objectives are to be pursued by a planned amendment to the German Civil Defence Act. Ever since the Chernobyl accident, people have finally begun to understand that the provision of adequate shelter facilities is not a preparation of war, but rather a long overdue precautionary measure for the protection of the citizens of peaceful industrial nations.