Active over the world, VARIOSAFE is a renowned specialist in innovative shelter technology. The company´s products are designed on the basis of up-to-date scientific research into shelter and survival requirements for civilian and military emergency situations, and are protected by international patents.

Variable shelter installations of all classes, designed to provide protection for extended periods, ranging from 48 days to 280 days. Turnkey delivery of private and public shelter installations in both monocylinder and multicylinder layouts, customized to the client´s precise size and equipment specifications. Large-scale shelter installations comprising networks of individual units connected in grid layouts for schools, hospitals and residential institutions. Shelter installations for production monitoring units in the chemical industry. Mobile shelters for both civilian and military command applications.

VARIOSAFE V6 Diameter 6 m / Space 26 m²
VARIOSAFE V8 Diameter 8 m / Space 48 m²
VARIOSAFE V9 Diameter 9 m / Space 63 m²

Strucural optimization pursuant to DISMAS-ELC specifications. High-strength, up to 10 bar blast-proof outside doors and hatches made of AlSi12 with a radioactive half-life of only 0,38 hours, fitted with an adjustable centrally-controlled locking system, external ceramic heat radiation coating, shrapnel- and bullet-proof 360o sight device, and a hydraulic lifting system capable of pushing the exit hatch up to through a rubble load of up to 3 tons. Preliminary filter units and emergency exit moduls installed externally, can also be used for upgrading conventional shelters. Standard equipment configurations and optional extras available to cover all possible requirements as regards utilities, waste and sewage disposal, chemical analysis, radiation analysis, energy supply, air regeneration, air conditioning and water recycling systems.

Scope of Protection
Shielding of 6–9 tenth-value-thicknesses provides comprehensive protection against radiation of all types, thermal radiation, initial radiation Alpha/Beta/Gamma, neutron-induced radiation, residual radiation and radioactive fallout – even at ground zero of nuclear device detonations at standard altitude. Automatic blast valves against reflected shockwaves with pressures up to 10 bar. Active filters against volatile industrial and military chemical agents. The servicing of the filters and the replacement and disposal of the contaminated filter elements are to handle in the security of the airlock area. Double airlock system with decontamination chamber, shower, toilet and sewage ejecting gear. Unrestricted but shielded view of the outside area allows monitoring of the outer installation and surroundings even in case of an actual emergency, when the installation is sealed off from the outside. Shockproof connection of the protective passageway to the residual building – flexible joint design prevents the transmission of mechanical shock waves. Automatic service tanks for continually renewed drinking water in each shelter cylinder. Tank capacity 2000 or 7000 liters, depending on the shelter series.

Drastically improved drinking water storage facilities. Innovative airlock and filter technology. Unrestricted view of the surrounding area, even when shelter is closed and sealed off from the outside hazard. Significantly longer duration of protected occupancy periods. Flexible extension options horizontal and/or vertical. All modules of the V6 / V8 / V9 series are fully compatible and can be installed in a wide variety of combinations. Additional moduls can also be added at a later date if required